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The second SPLICE Project workshop will be held in conjunction with SIGCSE 2018 in Baltimore on Wednesday, February 21. If you are interested in attending, please contact us.

Workshop Theme: CS Education Infrastructure for All: Interoperability for Tools and Data Analytics

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CS Education makes heavy use of online educational tools like IDEs, Learning Management Systems (LMS), eTextbooks, interactive programming environments, and other smart content. Instructors and students would benefit from greater interoperability between these tools. CS Education (CSEd) researchers increasingly make use of large collections of data generated by click streams coming from them. However, students, instructors and researchers all face barriers that slow progress: (1) Educational tools do not integrate well. (2) Information about computer science learning process and outcome data generated by one system is not compatible with that from other systems. (3) Computer science problem solving and learning (e.g., open-ended coding solutions to complex problems) is quite different from the type of data (e.g., discrete answers to questions or verbal responses) that current educational data mining focuses on. This NSF-supported workshop is a follow-up to a workshop in Pittsburgh this past summer that initiated the SPLICE project. The goal is to support and better coordinate efforts to build community and capacity among CSEd researchers, data scientists, and learning scientists toward reducing barriers. CSEd infrastructure should support (1) broader re-use of innovative learning content that is instrumented for rich data collection, (2) formats and tools for analysis of learner data, and (3) development of best practices to make collections of learner data available to researchers. We will present progress to date on developing a project website, present initial reports from working groups, and plan activities for the coming year.



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