SPLICE Working Groups

SPLICE Working Groups are ad hoc mini-organizations designated to solve a specific problem relevant to the SPLICE project.


Leaders: Cliff Shaffer is organizing this for now, need more official leaders!

Google Group

Replicating Programming Interventions

Leader: Thomas Price

Google Group

Smart Learning Content Protocols

Leaders: Cay Horstmann, Steve Edwards, Cliff Shaffer

Google Group

Parsons Problems Interoperability Standards

Leaders: Cliff Shaffer and ???

Google Group

Large Language Models

Leaders: Juho Leinonen and Bita Akram

Google Group

Reusable Code Examples

Leaders: Peter Brusilovsky, Vasile Rus

Google Group

Small code snapshots

Leaders: Dave Hovemeyer and Kelly Rivers

Task: Develop representation standards and analysis tools for capturing student submissions to small programming exercises and other programming process data.

Products: ProgSnap 2 (this page is the primary site for the working group's activities)

How to get involved: We are actively looking for collaborators who would like to join us in some combination of (1) sharing captured programming process data and (2) analyzing programming process data. If you have data, or a nifty idea for research project involving programming process data, visit our web page for information on how to get involved.

Programming exercise markup language

Leaders: Phill Conrad (UC Santa Barbara), Cory Bart (University of Delaware), Stephen Edwards (Virginia Tech)

Group Website: https://cssplice.github.io/peml/

Task: Develop representation standards for programming exercises of all size (small to giant).

Packaging Curricular Materials

Leaders: Cory Bart (University of Delaware), Phill Conrad (UC Santa Barbara), Michael Hilton (Carnegie Mellon University), Bob Edmison (Virginia Tech)

Group Website: https://cssplice-cm.github.io/